Stanwell G56 Beer Pump

The unique Stanwell  Beer Pump has utilised Flojet’s pump technology to allow longer service life and colder product flow in normal dispense environments.

Developed by Stanwell Technic Ltd. with Flojet to ensure that all beers can be dispensed using Gas Pumps.
  • Self Priming gas / air driven pump
  • Double Diaphragm Positive Displacement Pump
  • Maximum Flow rate: 18.5 L/min
  • Gas/Air Inlet Pressure: 10 - 90psi (0.7 - 6.2bar)
  • Combined Max. Working Pressure: 120psi (8.27bar)
  • Max. Vertical Lift: 30m (100ft)
  • Temperature Range: -6.7oC to 43.3oC
  • Net Weight: 540g
  • Approval: NSF CE SK Food Quality Approved

The difference between a standard G56 and the G56 beer pump

When the industry moved to colder cellars and product, it was found that the standard pump was suffering major failure rates. This was due to diaphragms splitting and in high volume throughput accounts the pumps were freezing. STL immediately addressed this and developed a new pump that would operate at lower temperatures. This was achieved by the following.
  • Altering the stainless steel on the shuttle shaft to a higher grade which has been case/precipitation hardened and is silicone polished to achieve a smooth surface for the smooth running of the poppet valves.
  • The cover flanges and voids were substantial altered to reduce condensate build up in the pump and stopped freezing.
  • The diaphragm and poppet material were altered to greater shore hardness to cope with lower temperatures and this stopped the incidence of splitting and jamming.
  • A special Dow Corning low temperature/water resistant lubricant was used to replace the silicon grease which suffered hardening.
The upshot of this was that the Stanwell G56 beer pump operates in all arduous cellar environments with minimum failure rates. When developing the pump the objective was to remedy the obvious problem. What we didn’t foresee was that after extensive testing the Beer G56 has substantially longer operating life this enabled us to offer the STL 5 year warranty. 

Since the development of the STL G56 Beer Pump others have offered the standard G56 to the industry, claiming that it is operational identical to the STL pump, clearly this is not the case. The STL Beer Pump is manufactured solely under licence to STL by Flojet. Very few standard G56 pumps are now sold in the UK as the STL Pump is preferred in multiple applications due to its greater reliability and longevity. 

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