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Working closely with clients to better understand their needs and desires for any project, we apply our extensive product knowledge, hands-on industry experience and an intricate understanding of the practices and systems within the beverage industry to find new and exciting solutions to not only meet and exceed customer expectations in a cost-effective, money-saving and environmentally aware way, but also improve the quality of the product in the glass.

From our early days, through to the development of the pump assisted beer dispense market and the use of air compressors to drive those pumps, Stanwell Technic has been instrumental in developing dispense systems that have changed perceptions and broadened horizons within the beverage industry in terms of the way product is dispensed. Continuous product and system improvement is essential to meet ever changing demand. Our flexible dispense solutions can be tailored to suit any size of outlet from large indoor concert venues, sports stadia and leisure complexes to public houses and small independent outlets.

In support of our innovations and product development Stanwell Technic also offers distribution channels for the following companies:

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For over 25 years Stanwell Technic Ltd have been the undisputed market leader in the UK, designing and installing dispense systems. To date we have saved the market in excess of £30 million. Stanwell Technic dispense systems meet the increasing demands of both the consumer and producer through:

  • Improving the quality of drink dispense
  • Offering cost effective solutions
  • Addressing environmental issues
Using our vast ‘ hands on ‘ experience, we develop systems which ensure consistent dispense characteristics glass after glass after glass. All our systems can be tailored to suit any size of outlet from large indoor concert venues, sports grounds and leisure facilities, public houses to the small independent outlet. This, combined with our customer involvement throughout the development process has allowed us to develop and implement innovative, cost saving and more importantly quality maintaining ideas.

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