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For over 20 years Stanwell Technic Ltd have been the undisputed market leader in the UK, designing and installing dispense systems.

To date we have saved the market in excess of £30 million. Stanwell Technic dispense systems meet the increasing demands of both the consumer and producer through: Using our vast ‘ hands on ‘ experience, we develop systems which ensure consistent dispense characteristics glass after glass after glass.

This, combined with our customer involvement throughout the development process has allowed us to develop and implement innovative, cost saving and more importantly quality maintaining ideas.



Installation from Stanwell Technic

We have a long history and experience of designing large venue / stadium dispense installations from music events to outdoor festivals, sports grounds to small independent outlet. All of our systems can be personalised to accommodate your particular event requirements.
If you have a problematic installation you would like to speak to our team of experts about, then do not hesitate to contact us.  

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